I'm IBM Watson Product Manager Anamita Guha, and This Is How I Work

As a product manager at IBM, Anamita Guha works on bots, AR/VR technology, and AI—including Watson, the most famous AI that doesn’t come packaged on a phone. She also leads analytics for TEDxSanFrancisco and serve as a technical consultant to a clinical research lab at UCSF. We talked to her about her work habits, as general as deepening relationships and as specific as color-coding notebooks.



Why This Woman Is Teaching Girls How to Make Friendly Chatbots

With more and more women exploring STEM as a career opportunity, Anamita Guha, a product manager at IBM Watson, decided to join in. Alongside the team at Girls Who Code, Guha has created a program titled “Chatbots for Good” where young girls and women from across the country will be introduced to a free, cloud-based learning experience that anyone, even those with no prior bot development experience, can use. But here’s the kicker: That program will teach young women not just how to program chatbots, but how to create chatbots that pick up on a user’s emotional cues to potentially make suggestions that will make the users feel happier.




Decoding the brain: aiding developers with Watson

Anamita Guha grew up surrounded by coders and IPOs in the way other kids’ childhoods were filled with trips to the mall or little league. Growing up in San Francisco, where both her parents helped build the Valley we know today, Anamita developed, almost intrinsically, an understanding of the power technology has to connect people and change the world.

And by an early age –we’re talking four years old –Anamita was up and running on her own computer. At nine, she started designing websites as a side-hustle. Out of this early digital relationship and the exposure she received to a diversity of people and ideas in Silicon Valley, Anamita became increasingly intrigued by people –and how they process information, become motivated by their beliefs and ultimately make decisions.

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